Forgotten Tropics
Butt Rock.
Chicago, Illinois
Forgotten Tropics
Butt Rock
"There’s a blissful weight of rock and solid melodic jams as ASHLAND AVENUE is introduced to us by FORGOTTEN TROPICS.There's a lot of strength in variation in this EP and a sudden comfort of familiarity in Forgotten Tropic’s sound."

-Morgan Samson/ Gamma Prince
Forgotten Tropicsare at their best when they dive into noisey or funky tangents, experimenting with tone in viscerally appealing ways. They lay out compelling rhythms and pull off complex transitions."

- Derek Spencer/ Incontinence of Sound

How We Got Here

Zachary Roth began making garageband demos from his Michigan State Dorm Room and formed a band with other musicians under the name, Jamburger in mid- 2014. After a few singles, Jamburger called it quits and Zachary moved to Chicago to begin enrollment at DePaul University. He made more garageband demos, under a new pseudonym, Forgotten Tropics. He quickly reached out to his High School chum, Steve Lobkovich, who agreed to play drums in this project. In a Jazz Studies class, Zachary met Christian Flanary, a Chicago native and funky bassist. Within a month, Zachary, Steve, and Christian moved into an apartment and set up the detached garage as their semi- soundproofed jam space. Within another month, they released their debut EP, 'Ashland Avenue'. The trio has spent the past year jamming, and writing new music, and performing all around the Midwest at Art Shows, DIY Spots, and venues such as the House of Blues Chicago, Bottom Lounge, Abbey Pub, and many more. They are set to record their first full album this Summer (2016) with engineer John Micensky at Steve Albini's studio in Chicago.

"Gritty tremors are felt through out Breaching the Peace giving it a more powerful and operatic ‘in your face’ stimulation."

-Morgan Samson/ Gamma Prince

Breaching the Peace

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